To your heart’s content…

Paddle, hike, fish, ride horseback, hunt, camp, picnic, and explore, all with a backdrop of pristine blue water and 240,000 acres of Colorado's wide-open beauty.

Home to moose, deer, elk, bears, mountain lions, coyotes, marmots, badgers, and beavers. Not to mention feathered friends, including hummingbirds, purple martins, woodpeckers, hawks, bald eagles, osprey, grouse and mallards. So don’t forget your camera or your binoculars!


Stand on the bank of a swirling stream and gently lay your fly down on the water – GULP! You got him! Sound like fun? This is the kind of excitement that awaits you at Trappers Lake. With over 100 miles of fishable waters, the Flat Tops Wilderness surrounding Trappers Lake is a bona-fide angler’s paradise. We can provide guide services for whatever floats your boat.


Off the beaten path is an understatement when it comes to hiking the Trappers Lake area. The trails begin around the lake’s edge, and then wind and snake through meadows, pine forests, aspens stands, across streams and alongside beaver ponds.


Imagine the days of trappers and pioneers while traversing the trails on the back of a horse. It’s one of the rare pleasures of a wilderness adventure and is not to be missed. Our trail boss will guide you up to the top of the Flat Tops wilderness where the expansive views will take your breath away. 


The Trappers Lake hunting experience is unmatched, with wild game roaming the Colorado high country in the Flat Tops wilderness. We furnish the tents, cots, heating/cooking stoves, propane, water source, wood, camp table/chairs and horses to and from camp. We do the hard part. You have all the fun.


We have an assortment of paddle boards, canoes and rowboats ready and waiting at the water’s edge. An expansive course of open water is at your paddle’s tip. Experiencing the beauty of Trappers Lake from the water is as captivating as it gets.


Experience a different kind of camping at one of our Wilderness Camps. Choose to be accompanied by one of our experienced guides, who will prepare all of your meals and tend to the camp chores, or request to be packed into one of our fully equipped camps.

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