Welcome to Trappers Lake Lodge & Resort!

Rustic, Remote and Hidden Away in the Flat Tops Wilderness
Come visit the "Cradle of the Wilderness"

2017 Season Dates
Reopening June 1, 2017
Close for Season October 31, 2017

Trappers Lake Lodge is FOR SALE 
For those interested please contact Holly or Carol. Its a wonderful lifestyle it's just time for us to retire - 970-878-3336 or email us at info@trapperslake.com.

Trappers Lake Lodge & Resort is located 51 miles southwest of Yampa, 51 miles northeast of Meeker and 70 miles southwest of Steamboat Springs in the heart of Colorado’s White River National Forest - Flat Tops Wilderness.

Our resort features quaint log cabin accommodations.  Come and enjoy a delicious Trappers mountain meal in our wonderful lodge or enjoy the view from the deck while you dine. Everything you need or want is on-site: horses, boats, canoes, general store, laundry facilities, bath house, restaurant and full bar.  Relax in a rustic cabin or "rough it" in a tent at one of our Wilderness campsites accessible by foot or on horseback. At 9,600 feet, the air is crisp and clean, the skies are crystal blue and the stars are so bright they light up the heavens!

Walk out the door of your cabin directly into the Wilderness.  Trappers Lake is 1/8 of a mile from the lodge and cabins. As you're walking up the trail to the lake, you will pass the Wilderness boundary sign.  Welcome to the Wilderness!

2017 Season Dates
Reopening June 1, 2017
Close for Season October 31, 2017
We look forward to seeing you!

Trappers Lake Lodge is an equal opportunity service provider and employer. Trappers Lake Lodge operates under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service, White River N.F.

Trappers Lake Lodge & Resort
7700 Trappers Lake Road - Meeker, Colorado 81641
Phone: (970) 878-3336 or (970) 878-5288
email: info@trapperslake.com