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Garfield County Gazette

It's easy getting lost.

By: Seth Boster 
October 2, 2016 Updated: October 8, 2016 at 8:49 am

At least that's what I was told upon finally arriving at Trappers Lake Lodge and Resort. The drive from Colorado Springs to this remote spot in the Flat Tops Wilderness was supposed to take about six hours, but it ended up taking me closer to eight as I made a few wrong turns in the northwestern high country, where cell service often fails. I got back on track one time thanks to a cowboy herding his cattle, another time thanks to a motorcyclist at an out-of-service gas station and one last time thanks to a fisherman deep in White River National Forest.

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5280 Magazine

Only in Colorado: Trappers Lake

By Terri Cook | November 14, 2016

This sparkling alpine lake in northwestern Colorado’s Flat Tops Wilderness Area was the birthplace of America’s wilderness movement.

One of Colorado’s most beautiful autumn drives is the Flat Tops Trail, a scenic byway that twists and turns through the rugged mountains between the small towns of Yampa and Meeker. The undisputed highlight of this route is Trappers Lake, a 300-acre alpine lake reached via an eight-mile spur road that branches off just east of where the byway joins the White River.

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The Denver Post

Trappers Lake, a relatively unknown Colorado jewel, reaps benefits of a 2002 fire

By Scott Willoughby | The Denver Post

FLAT TOPS WILDERNESS AREA — It must have been a sight to behold.

Colorado undoubtedly had seen bigger wildfires, even bigger blazes during that very summer of 2002 alone. But the imposing Big Fish fire was all the more extraordinary, set against the dramatic backdrop of Trappers Lake and the striking Flat Tops Wilderness surrounding it. All told, 17,000 acres in the so-called “Cradle of Wilderness” were scorched by a lightning strike while firefighting crews watched the pristine valley go up in flames.

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