Welcome to Trappers Lake Lodge

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Get to Know us…

We are thrilled to start our next adventure as the new owners of Trappers Lake Lodge. We can’t begin to thank Holly and Carol enough for their warm welcome and belief in us, but mostly we extend our deep gratitude to both ladies for taking our beloved Trappers Lake Lodge under their wings in 2005 and building Trappers back to what is today. We look forward to offering the same rustic, remote destination that Holly and Carol have worked to provide their guests for the last 13 years.

Here’s a quick snippet about us: Alan and Becca were raised on neighboring ranches in Meeker and developed a passion for all things outdoors at a young age. He is an avid hunter, fly fisherman, and high country adventurer. She spent her childhood on the back of a horse behind a cow or on the trail. The two raised Kaysyn and Denee’ in the same fashion- on their ranch in Meeker. Kaysyn graduated college with a business marketing degree. Besides her dream to own her own outfitting business someday, her passions include high country riding and packing, as well as, her new love- driving a team of horses. Denee’ graduated from the University of Wyoming and is the Meeker High School’s Agricultural Education teacher and FFA advisor. Trappers Lake Lodge will be under the management of Kaysyn, Becca, and Alan, while Denee’ plans on spending a portion of her summers helping out on the property.

For those of you who have been visiting the lodge for years, we can’t wait to meet you and welcome you back! We’re certain that Holly and Carol will return from year to year to catch up on their Trappers’ families. We wish Holly and Carol the best of life as they chase their next adventure or as they wind down a bit and relax.


Come here to disconnect And reconnect

You’ll feel the world stop in the moment that a child catches their first fish, a beginner makes a perfect cast, or a horseback ride heads off down the trail. Even on the rare, cool, rainy days, the warmth of the lodge awakens the joy of reading a good book, or the connection a family feels playing a board game. It isn’t nostalgia. It’s just letting the world online do its thing, while you take the time to do yours.

All of the charm. None of the pretense.

Trappers Lake Lodge & Resort is known for being rustic and remote. It is located 51 miles southwest of Yampa, 51 miles northeast of Meeker and 70 miles southwest of Steamboat Springs in the heart of Colorado’s White River National Forest & Flat Tops Wilderness. We have been written up many times in the press. Click the button below to read a few articles.

Our Cabins

Our resort features quaint log cabin accommodations. Come and enjoy a delicious Trappers mountain meal in our wonderful lodge or enjoy the view from the deck while you dine. Everything you need or want is on-site: horses, boats, canoes, general store, laundry facilities, bath house, restaurant and full bar. Relax in a rustic cabin or "rough it" in a tent at one of our wilderness campsites accessible by foot or on horseback. At 9,600 feet, the air is crisp and clean, the skies are crystal blue and the stars are so bright they light up the heavens!

Walk out the door of your cabin directly into the wilderness. Trappers Lake is 1/8 mile from the lodge and cabins. As you're walking up the trail to the lake, you will pass the Wilderness boundary sign. Welcome to thelderness!

The Lodge

The Restaurant and Bar
Trappers Lake Lodge has a full service public restaurant/bar, open from 7:30am to 7:30pm (Closed 2:30-5:00 to prepare for dinner service), which is known for our great food. Come on in and enjoy a meal or just sit on the deck and enjoy the beautiful scenery and North end of the White River flowing by.

The bar is well-stocked with beer, wine, and liquor. The food is prepared fresh daily. We make ribs that you will tell your grandchildren about, and they will tell their grandchildren about. We serve food that puts smiles on people’s faces. Come see for yourself. 


The cost to maintain our phone system requires us to charge $2.00 for phone calls. We ask that you limit your calls to five minutes. Cell phones do not work in the wilderness. Guests are welcome to leave the Trappers main number with family or friends for emergency purposes. Messages will be taken and posted on your cabin door. We have TV for all the football season fans.

Hot Showers for Campers & Hunters
Campers, hunters and fisherman after a few days of fishing always welcome a refreshing shower. Showers are $5.00 and includes a clean towel. Please come into the lodge for your towel and we will direct you to the showers.

Washer and Dryer
A washer/dryer is available for campers, hunters or fisherman in need of some clean clothes. Each wash is $5.00. Please come into the lodge and we will get you set up to do your wash.

The Store
Our store is small but well stocked. If you require something you may have forgotten, ice, food or are looking for a Trappers memory head down to the store building, and we will be happy to assist you.

The store offers a variety of camping and fishing supplies, field guides/books for the surrounding area, souvenirs, hats and clothing apparel. Snacks, sundries, and soft drinks are also available. If you don't not see what you need, please be sure to ask. It’s a rare day we can’t help you out.  

We Do Not Sell Fishing Licenses
Prior to your arrival you will need to purchase a license if you are going to go for “the big one." Licenses may be purchased at many sporting goods stores or by going online to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife website.  Visit our activities page for some more helpful links.

Let's Have Some Fun

Everything you need or want is on-site: horses, boats, canoes, general store, laundry facilities, bath house, restaurant and full bar. Relax in a rustic cabin or "rough it" in a tent at one of our Wilderness campsites accessible by foot or on horseback. At 9,600 feet the air is crisp and clean, the skies are crystal blue and the stars are so bright they light up the heavens. At night the Milky Way and falling stars will appear over the mountains adding to the spectacular scenery of Trappers Lake as you enjoy the campfire next to your cabin.

  • Over 30 alpine lakes with 1,400 surface acres

  • 100 miles of world class stream fishing

  • Some of the largest elk herds in North America

  • Areas of pristine wilderness where no motor vehicles are allowed and few feet have trod

  • Miles and miles and mile of open horse and hiking trails

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